Our mission is to provide customers with well-designed pieces that help them function all day, from day to day. We want to associate wellness and comfort to a look that is for the metropolitan life where people live in a rapid pace.

Our vision is to spark a community of happy, confident, and empowered individuals. We want our products to help people thrive in a constant state....and to be Philippines' #1 local athleisure brand by 2025. NO BIGGIE.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction​
    • We strive to provide excellent customer service through providing a good and lenient return policy, and providing solutions to customer problems, which will result in value to the customer and the company.
  • Quality and Design​
    • We take pride in carefully producing good quality products, which ensures customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our growth.
  • Community​
    • We are a responsible, committed, and involved company. ​